Waters 515 Isocratic Pump

We offer refurbished HPLC pumps originally made by Waters. We offer them with a 2 year warranty as standard with the option of a 90 day warranty as well. Of all the items we sell, buying a pump from us with a full 2 year warranty might save the most amount of grief later. When we sell a detector with our standard warranty we replace the deuterium lamps. However if you bought one with a 90 day warranty and had to replace the lamp later it is a fairly simple procedure. While there are many service people who can repair pumps, the procedures are normally labour intensive and some repairs require the use of special tools such when replacing plungers. Our standard 2 year warranty does cost more but please consider repair costs and lost productivity over a five year period, which is the time frame we expect our refurbished products to last.

For details on the specific models we offer please visit our products page. In addition you might want to visit our page for HPLC related items.

Please note that we are not affiliated with with any instrumentation manufacturer